What is the difference between foundation and cushion.

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Regarding the difference between foundation and cushion, anyone who already wears makeup may think that they don’t need to know the information. But for beginners who are just learning how to apply makeup, they may still not be able to tell the difference between these two types of cosmetics. And in what areas. And this is the difference between foundation and cushion. How are they different.

Foundation and Cushion are makeup products used to hide facial blemishes such as acne scars, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. Both have similar functions. But there are clear differences.

What is the difference between cushion and foundation

Many people may think that these two are the same thing. It is true that it may be used to adjust the skin color before applying makeup with other cosmetics as well, but in reality it must be said that it is completely different.  Report by สมัคร ufabet

  • Cushion will have a light cream texture. Some brands may mix sunscreen or nourishing cream into the product. But overall, the texture is not heavy on the face, focuses on the skin, covers less than foundation. It has a high luster. Easy to spread, not sticky.
  • Foundation has a liquid and cream texture, depending on the brand. It covers dark spots, black spots, and red spots completely smoothly. Most of them come in the form of a matte texture, controls oil, is long-lasting, and most importantly, waterproof, depending on the formula and brand. 

Cushion or foundation, which is better to use

If you ask which one is better or better. I have to say that it depends on the person. Because some people’s facial skin is more suitable for using cushions. But some people’s facial skin may be more suitable for using foundation as well. 

  • Who is cushion suitable for? 

Suitable for people who already have good facial skin. Doesn’t focus on concealing dark spots and red spots. Or people who like natural, Korean-style makeup. And suitable for people with facial skin that is not too oily as well. Because in most cases, this type of product is not primarily designed to control it. But you may be able to control it to some extent. You can dress it up for an everyday look, dress it up to go to school, go on a trip, or go on a date comfortably. Guaranteed to meet your needs for sure.

  • Who is foundation suitable for? 

Suitable for people who need high coverage. Dress for important events such as weddings, merit-making ceremonies, or for office work. Including makeup for going outdoors or participating in activities that take a long time, it is very suitable because the foundation texture is long-lasting and difficult to drop. In addition, some brands are sweatproof and waterproof as well. Anyone who has such a lifestyle is recommended to use foundation.