What causes a holes in the face.

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Causes of holes on the face Most of the time, it comes from severe inflammation of the acne causing the skin to collapse. When left untreated, it will cause the skin in that area to disappear. and become more clearly visible dimples If the number of pimples is how many. It may just cause more holes on the face. In addition, the behavior of picking, peeling, scratching, and frequently squeezing acne It will further stimulate inflammation. And it becomes a cycle of acne scars. Therefore, to prevent the formation of holes on the face Therefore, you should pay attention to taking care of it since the beginning of acne. To reduce the chance of inflamed acne that causes acne scars.

Acne scars are divide into 3 types to make it easier to classify treatment. Report by https://ufabet999.app

  • Rolling scars  are shallow acne scars that may be wide but do not penetrate deep into the dermis. It is a type of acne scar that is easier to treat than the next two types. This type of acne scar is cause by scratching the surface of the face.
  • Boxcar scars  are deeper holes than Rolling scars, with clear boundaries. The bottom of the hole is not deep into the pores or the dermis, caused by inflamed acne or lesions such as acne.
  • Ice pick scars  are narrow-mouth holes that reach deep into the pores. This type of hole is cause by pressing or squeezing a clogged pore. There is damage deep down to the dermis. Makes the collagen production part disappear as well. This type of acne scar is difficult to treat and gets better slowly.

Treatment of acne scars on the face Will be divide into 3 main types:

  • Treatment with medicine  It is a treatment for shallow scars, which are usually general scars (Rolling scars). There are many types of drugs use to make the skin more shallow.         
  • Treatment with medication It is a medicine extract from vitamin A derivatives or Retinoids.
  • Treatment with medical devices.  It is a treatment suitable for those who have large acne scars that topical and oral medications are unable to help. Or it can be call deep holes, Ice pick scar and Box scar. Which are treatments under the supervision of a medical professional. Together with applying medicine and nourishing cream

Preventing acne scars and taking care of yourself

It is very important to take care of yourself during treatment. For example, you must try to prevent yourself from getting acne. refrain from drinking alcohol (Because alcohol has the effect of inhibiting the production of collagen) If you are not undergoing treatment, you can scrub your face once a week. By choosing a scrub that is not very harsh. Nourish your skin with skincare that helps strengthen collagen. Go get a facial massage sometimes to help blood flow and create collagen to help repair worn-out parts of the skin. Your skin cells will work better. Or some people may take collagen supplements. This is to support the creation of collagen from the inside out. But if we still have acne problems on our face Scrubbing and massaging your face is still something that should be avoid. The best way is to treat acne first. Then deal with dark spots and acne scars later. The important thing is to be calm and treat gradually. Then the results will be good and will make your skin healthy as well.