Laporta says “Ronaldo” is good but Barca won’t

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Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona, ​​has made it clear on many issues related to the organization. Like the current linking Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Manchester United, dare to say that it is unfounded.

 The case of the 37 – year-old star has asked to move out of Old Trafford to play with the Champions League team and have a chance to succeed in the near term . It became a protracted matter when the ‘Red Devils’ stand did not want to let go ufabet.   

Causing the media to pop up a variety of theories linked to Bayern Munich , Atletico Madrid , Chelsea , Sporting Lisbon or even ‘ Barça ‘ in trouble , Laporta had to win and close another door.  

“ There was always a lot of news that we were involved in. But in the end, the person the team wanted was Robert Lewandowski, ” opening the mouth to ‘ CBS Sports ‘ .

“ Ronaldo is an outstanding professional player. He is still fit. ”

“ You are still ambitious and competitive. I’m sure he has a lot of options on hand. ”

‘ CR 7’ unnamed travels to Norway for a warm-up kick-off at Atletico Madrid on Saturday , but he is active on social media for Sunday’s home game against Rayo Vallecano .